Runners Inspiring Runners – John Shafer

One of the most inspiring runners to me is my personal trainer, who also coached me for my first half marathon with Charm City Run. When John runs, you can’t help but be in awe of his form and grace. Not only is he a great runner, he is humble and genuine. He’s a constant coach even while he’s running a marathon, checking in on runners when they’re not looking so good and giving them a pep talk to help them push through the wall. John turned to running after living a very unhealthy lifestyle that was taking him down a dark road that wasn’t going to end well. He now helps people by coaching half and full marathon groups and also with personal training. Below is our interview. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Kevin – Athletes Serving Athletes

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of running the NFL Kickoff 5K in Baltimore with Athletes Serving Athletes as a Wingman. I was originally paired with Ryan, who was unable to attend, so I was paired up with Kevin instead. It was an amazing experience! Team Kevin consisted of me, Kim, and our Team Captain (I think Doug was his name) and Kim and I took turns as Wingmen as we ran the 5K course around M&T Bank Stadium and on to the 50 yard line. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Jamie Hart

There things happen in your life or people you meet who have survived tragedies that make you grateful for all that you have. Today, I am grateful, very grateful. This week I met someone who survived an amazing tragedy and guess what…he’s still running.

I’d like to introduce you to Jamie Hart. Less than 3 years ago, he survived a gunshot wound to the head, lost his eye and endured 8 reconstructive surgeries, including a peek implant. In his journey to recovery, he rediscovered running and said to me, “Strangely I don’t know if I would take my pain/journey back since I have rediscovered running and the joy to test one’s limits.” Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Gelcys aka Cheetah

Did I tell you how much I love doing my Runners Inspiring Runners series?! While reading other running blogs, I came across Runner Unleashed. Immediately I was drawn into her story. I had planned on sending my typical amateurish interview questions, but that wouldn’t do her justice. Her story must be told in her own words, in her own way. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Krissy Schintgen

So far my Runners Inspiring Runners series have been about runners that I personally know. As my reader-base grows, I’m meeting more and more runners and am inspired by their stories. I’d like to introduce you to one of my readers who has a very inspiring story, Krissy Schintgen, who started running despite suffering two strokes. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Conor Joyce Peak Ultra 100

During the last 18 months of my running career, I have met some of the most amazing people who just so happens to share the same passion in running. One of them is Conor Joyce. A friend of mine and I joined a Florida Keys Ragnar team at the last minute this past January and that where I met him, in his hot pink hot pants (I kid you not). The Florida Keys Ragnar is a 197 mile relay race from Miami, FL to Key West, FL (if you ever have a chance to do this race, DO IT!). Conor volunteered to run with me during my night run and help pace me. He was great company and actually helped do a personal best!

When I heard that that Conor was running the Peak Ultra 100 marathon in Vermont, I just HAD to include him in my Runners Inspiring Runners series. Below is our interview: Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Becky C.

Today’s recovery run at Loch Raven was just ridiculously humid. So humid, that even my camera couldn’t focus on the picture I took below. If this is a sign of what kind of summer we have to look forward to, I may just have to move to Connecticut. I’m dreading the 15 – 20 mile training runs in the city. Guess we’ll have to start at 5am soon <sigh>.

Continue reading

Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K 2013 – Meghan & Team Fancy Nancy

This past Sunday I had the honor of running the Baltimore Women’s Classic on team Fancy Nancy with a dear friend of mine, Meghan. The team was formed in honor of her mother, Nancy, who is a 5 year cancer survivor. Initially, I wanted to find out how she got involved with the BWC, but I ended up finding out more about how she became a runner. Below is my interview with her. Continue reading