Run Wild for Austism 5K (Proud Runner Here!)

For Sunday’s recovery run, I ran in the Run Wild for Autism 5K race with my team, Running for Nicholas and Friends. Nicholas is my nephew who has Dup15q and presents on the Autism spectrum. Everyone on our team has been touched by someone who presents on the Autism spectrum in some way. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 10 Long Run, Part 2 (10.44 miles – Applause!)

What can I say? Another beautiful morning and another fantastic run! I cherish these runs and embrace them because I know the next run might not be so great. After the past couple weeks, I really needed a weekend like this and I truly feel blessed to have been given it. I was actually very emotional when I told my husband how I wish he could experience feeling so good. He has serious back problems and is in pain all the time and I would give him a years worth of excellent runs for him to feel this way just for a moment. Everyone deserves to feel this good. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 2 long run (11 miles)

FINALLY! A great training run! Things are starting to look up. I met with my group of running friends, we call ourselves The Six Pack, at the NCR trail at around 6:30AM. It’s been a while since the Six Pack ran as a whole, so it was great to have most of us together again. The only thing that kept this run from being perfect was our missing sole sister, Sunny. So, I guess today we were more of the Fab Five instead of the Six Pack. Hopefully we’ll all run together next week… GO SIX PACK! Continue reading