“Are you pregnant?” No, it’s just fat.

So, I was at the gym this morning busting my butt and this girl comes up to me and asks me if I’m pregnant. I smiled and looked at her and said “No, I’m just a big girl. It’s just fat.” I can tell she was a little embarrassed and I can tell that the conversation that she thought she was going to have with me went right down the tubes. I’m sure she planned on telling me how amazing I was for working out so hard being pregnant and how she probably could never do it herself, but instead, I ruined her day by telling her that the “baby” I was carrying was conceived by eating junk. Continue reading

2013 Celtic Solstice Race Recap

This is where it all began two years ago. This is the race that gave me the fire in the belly to take on running as an additional way to get fit, which in turn kinda changed my life. I absolutely love this race! The people, the course, the volunteers, the wassail…all of it is just fantastic!

We were expecting a mixed bag of precipitation today, but Mother Nature decided to just sprinkle us with a couple of flurries here and there instead. Thank you Mother Nature! Since I was dressed for crappy weather, I ended up very hot at around mile two. Oh well. I hate the cold and I’d rather be hot than cold. Continue reading

Cleansing Your Soul In The Rain

It’s been a tough week for me personally. Nothing serious, just the pressures of work that can be overwhelming. Let me be frank, this week, it sucked. In fact, it was pretty shitty last week also. On the way home from the office yesterday…the loooong hour and a half drive home…I swear I was going to have a breakdown right there in the car. All I could think about was putting on my running shoes and getting out there on the road. I hadn’t ran since Saturday so the “ick” was building up. Continue reading

Flat Runner

Before a big race, I go through a ritual (handed down by my running friends) of laying out my entire running gear, taking a picture, and posting it on Facebook. Now, I couldn’t post my Philly Flat Runner because it was a secret marathon, but you bet your sweet cheeks that I took my Flat Runner photo for good luck. Well, I guess it’s for good luck, it could be just a way to make sure you have everything ready the day before the race. Not sure how this phenomenon came about, but I’m starting to be come superstitious about it.

Flat Runner Collage

Do you make a Flat Runner before race? Is there a ritual that you have to go do before each race to ensure that you’ve got good running juju?

Just Call Me Joe (Philadelphia Marathon Recap – Part 1)

I hate to break this up into two parts, but there’s just so much to write. And if you have a short span of attention like me, you would probably stop half way through any way, so there it is, Part 1 of 2 of the Philadelphia Marathon Recap.

Earlier this week when I told people that I just ran a marathon, they assumed I was talking about Marine Corps. When I say, “No, I just ran Philly.” I get the “Wha-whaaat??” Call us crazy, but we did. I got a text message from my friend Kendra the day after MCM which said, “I wanna run Philly.” And that was the beginning of our mad quest to secretly run a marathon without letting anyone know, well, with the exception of our families.

plot Continue reading

Ooops! I Did It Again!

Wonder why I’ve been so quiet lately? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret…I just ran the Philadelphia Marathon yesterday. Yep! That’s right! First Marine Corp Marathon on 10/27, then Philly yesterday. Two marathons in 21 days! I’ve been dying to tell you all about it and the days leading up to it, but I made a pact with my running partner in crime about keeping it a secret until we actually pulled it off. It was killing me! Every time I sat down to write, I wanted to tell ya’ll what was going on, so I just had to keep mum. I’m sorry for the teaser, but I haven’t had a chance to do a race re-cap, but I hope to have it published by tomorrow. Continue reading

Yes! We Are All Celebrities!

When Runner’s World’s article about celebrities who finished the NYC Marathon popped up in my Facebook newsfeed, I just had to see how I compared. Well, my time for my first marathon last year (4:56) was better than Pamela Anderson first marathon, who came in at 5:41. Supermodel Christy Turlington Burns’ time was better than mine at 4:35, and former NY Rangers player and 1994 Stanley Cup Champion Nick Kypreos’ time of 4:43 beat my MCM time by a minute. Oh and of course, I have yet to beat Oprah’s MCM time of 4:29. Continue reading