HAT 50K Training – Week 16 Recap (Illegal to Run in the Street)

I can’t believe that the race is in two weeks. And in two weeks, I’m going to have the pleasure of saying that I’m officially an ultrarunner. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! We’re in taper and this weekend long runs were 2 hours of trail yesterday and 10 miles on the road today. Each run was pretty uneventful for me, but it didn’t make me appreciate them any less. I enjoyed the company and had a pretty decent time. There is one thing that I found out this weekend that blew my mind…it is illegal to run in the street in Maryland if there is a sidewalk available. Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 15 Recap (Kicking Goose Turds Because Running Sucks)

Have you ever had a run that made you want to quit the sport of running forever? That was yesterday and a little bit today. We desperately needed to get a good long continuous long run and went out for 22 miles on the road of the BWI Trail. I was excited to run someplace new, but I had no idea that by mile 10 I was ready to give up the sport of running forever. Mile 10 felt like mile 20 for me. My hips and knees hurt and I ached all over. My legs were so tired that when I went to use the port-a-potty I ended up peeing on the back of my leg and shoe because I couldn’t get the right hovering position, and ya’ll know you don’t sit in one of those things. I knew this was going to be one of those runs where I will have to dig deep to keep going. I had to make my mind push my body to get through it….had to find my inner bitch. Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 14, part 2 (Boy I love being a runner!)

Another great run in the books! Because of yesterday’s snafu, today the target was 10 – 12 miles. Since a few of us decided to take it to Loch Raven where there were hills…oh the hills…we ended up with 10 glorious easy miles!  Those who know Loch Raven will appreciate that we ran up the “Dam” hill twice. Despite a few little areas that still had patches of ice, the road was pretty much clear. The sun came out, we had brunch and of course the obligatory Bloody Mary. Boy do I love being a runner and the friends I’ve made since I became a runner. I even love saying the word run. Run, runner, running! Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 14 – (Well, that didn’t go as planned.)

Today’s goal of 4.5 hours (approx 20 – 22 miles) did not happen. And it’s not that we didn’t try…we tried really hard! After an hour of schlepping through ice and thick crusty snow at a pace of a 26 minute mile, we decided to take it to the road. It was way to dangerous and it wasn’t worth yet. Yes, yours truly took a spill on the icy path (and I wasn’t the only one), but I only ended up with a little bit of an ice burn or is it ice rash? Whatever it’s called it wasn’t bad but definitely annoying. Continue reading

Whooho! I Have a Sponsor and a Giveaway!

Guess what?! I was offered personal training as a sponsorship from Tony Osondu of Osondu Fit Club to help prepare me for the HAT 50K Trail Run. With the race only a month a way, I’m so grateful for the additional help. I’ve trained with Tony before and know that he’ll definitely make me stronger for the race and since I started incorporating more cross-training during this season, I have noticed that I’m stronger and that the trails are getting easier. Do you see me jumping up and down?! Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 13 (The Brunch Run)

I switched up my long and short run this weekend to accommodate weather that we didn’t get. Yesterday I ran a glorious 7 miles out on the road with Bern. The hills weren’t as bad as they used to be and we kept a steady easy pace of about 10:50. It was great to catch up with her and felt good to get out of the house and stretch my legs.  Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 12 (Sure, Let’s Add Ice Skating While We Run!)

I’m happy to say that I did NOT fall today! Yay me! I had a couple of slips and close calls considering most of the trails were a sheet of ice, but that was it. We set out to do 2.5 hours and I think we came up a little short, but that’s okay. Next week’s run is going to be a doozy, so I’ll take all the easy runs I can get. Easy. Yep, I said it! I can’t believe that trail running is getting easier. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a challenge, but I’m still keeping up with the group and I’m running all the hills that weren’t a sheet of ice and I’m still feeling strong. Again, I’ll take what I can get. I know next week this will most likely not be the case. Continue reading

HAT 50K Training – Week 11 (Basking in the Glory of a Great Run!)

As a runner, you know to appreciate any good run you can take during training season. It seems like a long time since I had a great long run, but yesterday – it was GLORIOUS! I don’t know what I did different to make yesterday’s run better than any other run I’ve had since I started ultramarathon training, but who cares! Continue reading

REBLOGGED: 5 things I learned from running my first 50-mile Ultramarathon

Great advice for first time ultramarathoners! I will keep all of this in mind when I run my first ultra. It may not be a 50-miler, but I’m sure it’ll help me during my 50K.


As I begin to shut the (mental) door on my first 50-mile ultra, I decided to reflect upon the 5 most important things I had learned from the journey. I had originally written this post the day after the race, but wanted to wait and come back to it to see if these lessons still rang true a few weeks later – and they do. Needless to say, below are the 5 most important things I learned from running my first 50-miler.

Respect the distance

I have no doubt you’ve heard those words many times before. The truth is, they take on a whole new meaning with you’re talking distances of 30, 40 … 50 miles. You can pay your respects in many ways: by constantly being aware and of—and honest with—your pace (both during your race and in your training), making sure your weekly mileage and long runs have…

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HAT 50K Training – Week 10 Track (Badass Status – DENIED!)

Yesterday’s workout was supposed to be speed work at the track. Of course it was colder than a bucket of penguin shit and I didn’t pack the appropriate cold weather gear to change into for training. I figured, what the hell. I’m going to gear up and earn my badass status and get it done. I closed my office door and proceeded to quickly get dressed with what I had, two thin long-sleeved shirts, a vest, and my Mizuno tights. Continue reading