MCM Training – Week 9 (The Butt Massage)

We’re winding down on Week 9 and I’m still recovering. I’ve been trying to keep myself active with going to the gym, but I really do miss my runs. This morning I went to the track with a friend and did a jog/walk for 3.25 miles. IT WAS FANTASTIC and I felt great! Unfortunately, my calf is still sore, so my doctor has ordered an MRI. Continue reading

Runners Inspiring Runners – Gelcys aka Cheetah

Did I tell you how much I love doing my Runners Inspiring Runners series?! While reading other running blogs, I came across Runner Unleashed. Immediately I was drawn into her story. I had planned on sending my typical amateurish interview questions, but that wouldn’t do her justice. Her story must be told in her own words, in her own way. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 8 (Long Run – Charles Street 12 Race Review)

I love running a race as part of my training program! Today was the inaugural Charles Street 12 miler run. It was more humid than I expected, but I was so glad that it was overcast.

The race was organized by Charm City Run and I have to give them kudos for putting on a great race (THANK YOU CRR). The course was supposed to be downhill after mile 4, but don’t let that elevation chart fool ya…every downhill was preceded by a kick butt uphill. The course was very well supported with water stops and plenty of Baltimore’s finest cops blocking the course so that we could reek havoc from Baltimore County to Baltimore City (THANK YOU BCPD). Continue reading