38th Marine Corps Marathon 2013 – Race Recap (The Power of Four)

Whenever there is so much for me to say about something, I end up with writers block. My brain is in information overload and I want to tell you every detail, but I’m still foggy. Frustrating. The 38th Marine Corps Marathon was challenging for me. I went with four of my running friends and stayed on the fourth floor at the Ritz Carlton in Arlington. My target race time was 4:45:00 and I clocked in at 4:44:44. Do you see a trend setting? Not sure what was up with the number four, maybe it’s because I turned 40 last week, but it seemed to be my lucky number. Continue reading

MCM Countdown – Packet Pick-up – (Seinfeld Episode in the Making)

WHERE DO I BEGIN?! There’s so much to tell you, but I’m completely exhausted, so I will just give you the highlights. I am SO glad we decided to head down to DC today for packet pick up instead of waiting until tomorrow. What started out to be about a half day event ended up taking the entire day, hence the late blog. My friend and I decided to take the train from Baltimore, then catch the Metro to the DC Armory instead of driving in the DC traffic. Catching Amtrak was easy enough, but getting on the Metro…well, that’s another story. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 14 Long Run (18 Miles with Bad Manners)

Well, there goes another 18 miles for the books. Today’s run was a practice run on the Baltimore Marathon course. Those doing the Baltimore full had to run 20 miles, while the halfies did 10-12. Since MCM is a little later, our mileage was 18. We decided that we would cut the 20 mile course short and in doing so, we got a little lost and ended up a mile short at the end. No worries…we found the 18th mile. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 9 (The Butt Massage)

We’re winding down on Week 9 and I’m still recovering. I’ve been trying to keep myself active with going to the gym, but I really do miss my runs. This morning I went to the track with a friend and did a jog/walk for 3.25 miles. IT WAS FANTASTIC and I felt great! Unfortunately, my calf is still sore, so my doctor has ordered an MRI. Continue reading