The Importance of a Recovery Run

As I sit here with a heating pad on my back, I’m now realizing that no matter how tired I was on Sunday, I should’ve went out for a recovery run. After speaking with my personal trainer/coach, apparently, Saturday’s long run took a harder toll on my body than I thought. And being sedentary on Sunday allowed for my muscles, in particular my back, to stiffen up. Because of this, I will now have to skip tonight’s track workout (partner 800s) and tomorrow’s personal training session. Continue reading

MCM Training – You Deserve a Break Today

Some days you just need a break. And I’m not talking about a rest day, but a total break from running, blogging, and whatever is consuming your life. That day was yesterday. Saturday’s 18 miles wasn’t hard on my physically, I mean I had the expected rubbery legs, but I wasn’t gimping back to the car. But for some reason, it wore me out. I don’t if it was navigating on crappy pavement, or navigating through town because we got lost, or the traffic and the constant stop and go at the lights, but whatever it was, it was draining. Weird thing was, I felt fine after the run, but that declined as the day worn on. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 14 Long Run (18 Miles with Bad Manners)

Well, there goes another 18 miles for the books. Today’s run was a practice run on the Baltimore Marathon course. Those doing the Baltimore full had to run 20 miles, while the halfies did 10-12. Since MCM is a little later, our mileage was 18. We decided that we would cut the 20 mile course short and in doing so, we got a little lost and ended up a mile short at the end. No worries…we found the 18th mile. Continue reading

Yep…I got the Jimmy Legs

Ever get the “Jimmy Leg” after a long runs or hill workouts? I’m famous for them and they drive my husband nuts. He says it reminds him of the Seinfeld episode when Kramer dates a girl with the “Jimmy Legs.” Not only do my legs twitch and kick on their own when I’m trying to fall asleep, but apparently, my feet do some sort of running motion while I’m asleep. Now, it’s not as bad as last year when I started running, but I still get the Jimmies after tough runs.

Is it just me or do other runners get the Jimmy leg?

MCM Training – Week 13 Long run (16 Out of 17 Ain’t Bad)

This weekend’s mileage for our long run was between 16 – 17 miles, so I had my heart set on 17. Even posted on Facebook that I was running 17, cause you know you MUST do it if you post it. But at 16, I was done and I was fine with it. Well, I wasn’t actually totally fine with it, but fine enough to stop and not whine too much about it. My Garmin had died, my legs were tired, and I wanted brunch.  I’m pretty sure I could’ve pushed through to the 17, but after running 4 yesterday, I decided I didn’t need to…brunch was on the brain instead. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 11 (NCR 20 Miler)

As I sit here trying to write this blog, my mind and body are mush. Just added another 20-miler under my belt and I feel like I’ve been hit by a Mack truck. When I did this race last year, I swore I would never run again. I wanted to drop out of the Baltimore Marathon and sell all of my gear. It didn’t help that my husband allowed me to fall asleep with my legs propped up at a 90 degree angle on a wall only to wake up with stiff pretzel legs as my legs flopped over during my nap. This year, while the race was harder on my body, I don’t have those “screw running” feelings. Not having those 4 long runs leading up to today’s 20 miler really made it harder, but with a little help from my friends, I finished. It wasn’t a pretty finish and it wasn’t a strong finish, but I finished. Continue reading

MCM Training – Week 10 Wrap-up (Track, Athletes Serving Athletes Training Run, & 20 Mile Prep)

I’m here! I’m here! Sorry, it’s been a pretty crazy week and I’ve slacked off on my blogging a little bit. Putting in 12 – 16 hour days at the office just doesn’t leave much time for writing. The few moments I have free are dedicated to eating, sleeping, and running. So, let’s catch up! Continue reading

Getting the Most Out of Your Running Shoes

When my sister announced last week that she was ready to run a 5K, I decided to purchase her first pair of real running shoes. She has screws in her knee from a softball injury when she was 18 and I wanted to make sure that she had the best support so that she doesn’t risk further injury. Continue reading

Weekend of Rest Can Make the Mind Go Numb

Well, the title says it all. I tried to make the best out of the weekend and I guess it wasn’t really that bad, but boy did I really miss my long run. I went out for a short 3 mile stroll along the NCR with my husband and watched all the runners come and go, then I napped and napped some more. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be laid up for weeks upon weeks. My husband was laid up for 4 months after he tore his pec completely off while weight training. It drove him insane and I can see why. It’s not that I’m not able to do anything, it’s that I’m not able to do what I WANT to do. Ok, enough about my whining…I really don’t deserve it. I’m just being a brat and I apologize. I really am grateful that I’ll be out there really soon. Really, I am!!! Continue reading